New to The Escorts Game in London

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The West End theater district was bright, even in the darkness and rain. Andrea darted past a large theater and crossed the street, red pea coat pulled tightly around herself as she held an umbrella above her head to shield her hair from the viciously pouring rain, wet hair being a big no-no for escorts in London of her high caliber. The snobby theater actors that liked to fit themselves under her dresses could have had better manners – she didn’t understand why she was walking to meet a client in the pouring rain. Something was wrong with that picture, and she made mental note to point that out, but her immediate focus was to get out of the rain.

Warmth met Andrea’s chilled form as she stepped through the doors of a tall theater. Even just the main lobby was huge and sprawling, and Andrea found herself briefly star struck when she was told to be patient while her client was notified of her arrival. Personal treatment and everything – it really was just like being an escort, though she was sure no one in this building would even consider it in those terms.

“Andrea, darling.” A deep voice caught her attention, and she turned to lay eyes upon Ricardo Martin, one of West End’s top performers of the year. She had worked with him once before, but never in the theater. A smile graced her lips, and she made her way up the small flight of stairs towards him, stepping into his outstretched arms.

“Ricardo,” Andrea replied in greeting. He didn’t say another word as he took her hand and led her towards a set of doors down the long hallway he had just come from. Andrea took the time to glance around at her surroundings, enamored by the objects lining the hall that seemed to shine, even in the dim light. She pulled her attention back to her client when he led her through the doors, and nudged her by the first door on the left of the new hallway they had entered.

“So, you hire me to sit and watch you work?” Andrea teased as she settled herself on a plush blue chair that didn’t quite stand out in the garishly colored room. Girls operating in London didn’t have any qualms with that; it was interesting to just sit and talk with her clients.

“Basically,” Ricardo acknowledged as he lowered himself into his chair behind his vanity. He picked up a script from said vanity and held it out to her. “I was wondering if you’d help me run through some lines, perhaps? And we can have a bit of fun before my performance tonight.” He winked, and Andrea smirked, then giggled softly. She was still new to the escorts game in London; flirting and compliments still had her shy. Reaching out, she took the script and flipped it open.

“Who do I get to play?” she asked, her eyes trailing down the page she had opened up to. “I want to be Lucille,” she decided after a moment of reading. Ricardo laughed.

“You get to be Rebecca,” Ricardo corrected. Andrea huffed, flipping a page, but her eyes lit up a bit when she realized exactly what that role entailed. This wasn’t running through lines – it was roleplay.

“Tell me where to start, Master.”