Taking away the Stimulation

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Phone calls to Alex after jobs very well may have been Ava’s favorite part of going out with men. The twenty-five year old blonde was more vocal than physical; she did her job well, but talking about it later thrilled her more than the acts she performed. She had always been a storyteller; her voice frequently dropped in tone, beautiful words running from her lips like a river of mystery. Ava had always kept everyone’s attention, too. Alex’s especially. The former London escort loved it when Ava called to share with her, and Ava knew it. There was nothing she could do to stop it, even if she didn’t like it.

“About time, child,” Alex’s voice sounded over the line mere seconds after the line began to ring. Ava smirked a bit, but listened as Alex continued. “He must have kept you later than scheduled. I hope you got the extra cash from him.”

“I got it, and you’ll get it tomorrow,” Ava said as she moved through her spacious apartment, phone balanced between her ear and shoulder as she worked on removing the thin belt around the cream, knee length dress she wore. Once it was free, she tossed it into the closet and knelt down to start looking for something to sleep in. “He was a little off tonight, I think. Needed the extra time. It’s never taken me that long to get him off.” It wasn’t as big of an ego blow as it would have been had he been a new client; she knew she was capable of getting him off quickly. Everyone had their nights.

“I bet he tried to get out of the extra money, too,” Alex huffed, causing Ava to laugh.

“You’re so untrusting,” Ava said. “He didn’t argue. He gave it to me. He just…I don’t know. It was fun, but it was awkward tonight. When he got it up, he couldn’t seem to keep it up. When he could keep it up, it wouldn’t go down. I spent three hours there and still only got an orgasm and a half out of him.”

“A half?”

“He had a ruined orgasm,” Ava said. She pulled the phone from her ear and turned on the speaker, then tossed the device onto the bed so she could tug her dress off and replace it with a silk robe she wore to bed. “You don’t even know what that is, do you?” she asked when Alex was silent on the other end.

“Not a damn clue.”

“A ruined orgasm is when a man is worked up to the point of orgasm, but the stimulation is taken away just as he finishes,” Ava continued, tying the robe, then picking up the phone to take it off speaker. “It isn’t very satisfying. And it’s embarrassing for the male, especially if it happens with another female.”

“You took away the stimulation?!”

“No!” Ava exclaimed. “He did it to himself! He was there, and then he stopped and got up, and then gave up from there.” Ava could hear Alex’s long, drawn out sigh on the other end of the line, and the escort turned to settle on the edge of the bed. “I can tell you more tomorrow,” she continued. “But I’m tired. I’m going to sleep.”

“Just remember to bring the money, and I’ll have a new assignment for you,” Alex responded. Ava rolled her eyes a bit, but hung up the phone. She hadn’t even gotten to give the proper explanation for everything that had happened. Tomorrow would be the day she put all of her vocal prowess to use.